Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Goodness! My Guinness!

Recently I was contacted by a person from PeerIndex regarding a promo which is being run by Guinness. It seems quite fun. If you are in certain pubs on a Friday and Saturday night, you can win a one-day drinking session in Dublin, including learning how to pour the black stuff. If that sounds like fun, here is a link to the Guinness facebook page.

One thing this whole Guinness promo has done has made me want to blog a bit about Guinness. So, in the coming days, weeks, whatever, I will post a few thoughts about good old Guinness. In the meantime, here is a picture of what I was drinking last Friday.

*Disclosure: Whilst I did receive a perk from PeerIndex linked to the Guinness promo, blogging, tweeting, or anything else was not a stipulation of receiving the perk. I am doing this since it may mean that you, dear reader, can win some beer. After all, that is what this blog is all about. Beer, sweet, sweet, beer. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Pheasant, Chesham

Pheasant sign On the way out of Chesham, heading towards Chennies there is a lovely riverside pub called The Pheasant which is run by Jane, her staff, and a couple of dogs.

Located in an area called Waterside, you would be unsurprised to see that the beer garden backs onto the river. In the summer the swans and ducks vie for your attention in the hope of a bit of crisp or anything else food worthy. There are also a couple of pieces of play equipment for the children to climb about on. On a hot summer day, the beer garden at The Pheasant is a wonderful place to laze about in. Although food is not served in the pub, patrons are encouraged to bring their own picnic along. I think it's a great idea. It means you can have a pint in a beer garden on a nice day, but not have to rush home (or to a rival pub) to get some food. Just bring your own!

Inside, the pub has a pool table, dart board, and board games. The pool table is quite well kept as it is the stomping ground of two teams in the Amersham and Chesham Pool leagues. There are also darts and crib teams here during the week.

the pleasant Pheasant The beers are quite expensive, even for the area. A pint of lager is £3.60 or so, and Guinness is £3.70. For me, the best value drinks are the ales (but I am biased!). Jane always has Doom Bar (£3.30/pint) and a guest ale on. At the time of writing this was Courage, Directors (£3.40/pint). Doom Bar is as popular here as everywhere else, which results in a good fresh pint every time. There is also enough interest in the guest ale for it to be nice and fresh as well.

Overall, this is a great pub to stop for a pint in. It's a little expensive, yes, but sitting and relaxing by a river while your kids are able to play with the ducks or on swings and slides is definitely worth it.

Pheasant Sign
The Pleasant Pheasant
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