Saturday, 22 December 2007

Rose and Crown, Hawridge

Address: Vale Road, Hawridge, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 2UG

One of the nicest pubs I've been into has to be the Rose and Crown Pub in Hawridge,  Buckinghamshire. It has good reason for me to feel that way about it, the pub is the 2007 Central Southern Pub of the Year (Mid Chilterns CAMRA) as well as Cider Pub of the Year 2007.

Rose and Crown, Hawridge

The pub's website mentions that they are an outlet for the Tring  Brewery. This was evident by pumps which take pride of place at the centre of the bar. Two of the four pumps contained Tring Brewery beers, Side Pocket and Santa's Helper. I didn't try them, but did try the cider they had on tap. Unfortunately none of the photos I took of the bar area turned out, and I can't remember the name of it (definitely a reason for a return visit!).

The staff were very helpful, as well as being attentive even though the bar wasn't particularly full. I consider this to be quite an important in pubs. Nothing is more annoying than being the only person at a bar, waiting to be served, while the staff do anything but serve you.

Another unfortunate thing is that we weren't able to try the food while we were there. It looked superb. The food prices were about average for a country pub. A Sunday roast would set you back around £10.00, with starters and desserts hovering around £5.00. Check their website for the current menu.

In conclusion, a very nice country pub. It will be revisited with a mind to sampling their menu and perhaps some of the ales available. Certainly I will be having  another pint of the cider.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Hen and Chickens, Chesham

The Hen and Chickens is located part of the way up the hill between Chesham and Ley Hill. It is a wonderful little pub which, when we last visited, had two very welcome open fires going, warming us after being out in particularly inclement weather.

Hen and Chickens, Chesham

The nicest thing about this pub is the locals. They all seem to sit in the very small area around the bar chatting away to each other. In some pubs it can be quite a hindrance. Here, possibly due to the how small the bar area is, it is easy to get served, and the locals will usually move aside for you.

There are a reasonable amount of beers on tap, and the filter coffee is very good. We unfortunately have not been in the pub for food yet and so cannot comment on that.

If you want a nice friendly little pub to visit as during the cold months, Hen and Chickens is one to go for.

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The Swan

High up on the top of Ley Hill are a couple of pubs. One is called the Crown, and the other is called The Swan. I was going to write a combined article for both of them, but my photos of The Crown were pants. I will write an article next time I go there, and will link through to both.

The Swan Pub, Ley Hill

The Swan is a beautifully quaint little pub opposite a tee of the Chesham and Ley HIll Golf Club, as well as the Ley HIll Cricket Club. This is a dream location for a golf, cricket, pub fan such as myself. Towards the end of this summer past Mrs-Mouse-To-Be and I sat outside the pubs watching golf and cricket while enjoying a refreshing pint. It was a wonderful time.
The last visit to The Swan was on a cold wet winter afternoon. Having walked across country from Chesham, the pub was a welcome sight. We went in and sat in a small room just to the right of the big open fireplace. It was warm and cosy. The locals and staff in the pub have been nothing but welcoming. It is always a pleasure to go there for a pint and a sit down.
We have not tried the food in the pub just yet, but that was because it had sold out by the time we got there a couple of months back.

Yet another Chesham pub which is highly recommended.

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The Sugarloaf Inn

Unfortunately I do not have any photos for this pub. If I get some I will update this entry, but I felt that the pub was worth commenting on nonetheless.

A couple of Sundays ago we went to The Sugarloaf Inn opposite Chalfont & Latimer tube station. It was quite wet and windy and we were looking forward to a little bit of Sunday lunch and a sit down.

The pub itself is very clean and cosy with much brown wood to give the air of an old pub. We were served immediately and offered a seat at a table when we indicated we wanted a little bit of food.
The speciality of the house on Sunday is roast Amersham lamb with all of the trimmings. How could we resist? We didn't bother with any other meat option. What came out was gristly fatty meat with a small Yorkshire pudding and 'roast' potatoes which had obviously been deep fried (crunchy, yes, but you might as well eat lard). The vegetables tasted like they had been cooked in cheese sauce and washed off to hide the fact.
It must be said that I don't mind a 'lower' class Sunday roast. If you go to some pubs, you expect that the meat is kept in a warmer, and the potatoes are deep fried, etc. What I do mind is being charged nearly £11.00 for the privilege!

I'm sure their other food is fine (still a little on the expensive side, perhaps), but avoid Sunday lunch there at all costs.

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The Cock and Rabbit Pub

The Cock and Rabbit, The Lee

Deep in the countryside in The Lee area of Great Missenden is a pub called the Cock and Rabbit.

We visited this pub having walked on the Chiltern Link walk between Chesham and Wendover. We didn't quite make Wendover on the day, but the pub was a beautiful stopping place.

We sat in the back bar area right beside the fire. This was perfect as we needed to warm up after our 5 or so mile trek to get to the pub. Although it was busy, the bar staff were efficient and I was served very quickly.
We ordered some food. I had Cumberland sausage and mash, and Mrs-Mouse-To-Be had a smoked salmon sandwich. Both were served very quickly and tasted very nice. Apparently the speciality there is grilled sardines. We had already ordered when we heard this so another visit will be made to sample the dish.

All in all, I think this is a lovely pub to visit. The food was good, the service was excellent. It's located just opposite a small green so the kids can run around. We will definitely be back. Then I can take some better photos of the outside, and hopefully include some inside shots too.

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The Temperance Pub and Dining Room

First, and I guess appropriately, in the Lifelong Pub Run is the Temperance Pub and Dining Room.

The Temperance Pub and Dining Rooms

This pub is located on the corner of York Street and Seymour place. I encountered this pub while walking between Euston and Edgeware Road stations. The inside of the pub is clean, it looks to be recently updated.
The beer on tap is of the commercial sort. It was also nice to see Leffe Blonde on tap. This is one of my favourite beers and is highly recommended.

As a first article on my Lifelong Pub Run I feel that this may not be the strongest. Over the next few articles I will attempt to settle on a style and will hopefully revisit these articles. One thing is for sure, if I revisit a pub I will update the pictures/information accordingly.

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Monday, 17 December 2007

Introduction to the Lifelong Pub Run

One of my favourite things to do is to visit a new pub. It is an adventure I have embarked on ever since I could walk into a pub and order a beer. I particularly enjoy going to pubs with a bit of history or character.
So, I am going to try and write some blog entries on the pubs I visit. I will include a photo of the pub, and some thoughts about it. Clicking on the picture will take you through to my Picasa web album and a map of the pubs I have described.

Click the link to go to the Lifelong Pub Run web album.

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The Lifelong Pub Run

If you look at my profile you will notice I have two other blogs. One is called Mouse's Musings. In this blog I post anything that takes my fancy. Recently this has included my Lifelong Pub Run entries. I am enjoying doing these so much I have decided to start a separate blog for these entries.

I think dedicating a blog entirely to one theme will prove to be for the best in the long run. The upkeep of three blogs could be a bit tricky, but I will just have to go with the flow.

It will take me a bit of time to transfer all of the posts over from Mouse's Musings. So, until such a time, I direct you there.