Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ye Olde Mitre, London

Has it really been more than a year since I last wrote an entry in this blog? That is shocking! It appears I spend too much time in pubs and not enough time writing about them. That will have to change....well, the latter part anyway!

Ye Olde Mitre
1 Ely Court,
Ely Place,

The offering for this entry is one of my favourite pubs in the world. I only go there once per year, but I savour every moment of it.
The hidden Mitre

Ye Olde Mitre is a hidden gem in London. It is a fairly small pub, steeped in history. The pub was established in 1546 (yes, I can read the sign!), and is located in an alleyway between Ely Place and Hatton Garden. Blink, and you'll miss it. I did the first time I went searching for the pub.

Inside, the pub is full of dark wood panelling with the bar located centrally between the front bar, back bar (saloon bar?), and the entrance. The selection of beers is excellent. This is the first place I tried Sharps Doom Bar and have been in love with it ever since. When I visited this year I drank Seafarers by Fullers and Deuchars by Caledonian. Lovely beers, both of them.

The food in the Mitre is very simple, and really helps keep the warm homely atmosphere, I feel. There is no kitchen in the pub, so the offerings are limited to what can be heated in a toaster, or microwave. We always have a selection of pork pies and scotch eggs there, but they also provide toasted sandwiches and sausage rolls. I told you it was simple. But you don't go to the Mitre for a gastropub experience. You go there to drink some really well kept beer, and soak up the 460 plus years of history.


Will S said...

What sort of a difference to the taste of a brew do things like temperature, bubliness (this sort of thing - make?
In your opinion for example, does a Fosters that is a bit more gassy taste better or worse? Can things like this change your opinion of a pub, or is a Carling the same wherever you go?

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