Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Sugarloaf Inn

Unfortunately I do not have any photos for this pub. If I get some I will update this entry, but I felt that the pub was worth commenting on nonetheless.

A couple of Sundays ago we went to The Sugarloaf Inn opposite Chalfont & Latimer tube station. It was quite wet and windy and we were looking forward to a little bit of Sunday lunch and a sit down.

The pub itself is very clean and cosy with much brown wood to give the air of an old pub. We were served immediately and offered a seat at a table when we indicated we wanted a little bit of food.
The speciality of the house on Sunday is roast Amersham lamb with all of the trimmings. How could we resist? We didn't bother with any other meat option. What came out was gristly fatty meat with a small Yorkshire pudding and 'roast' potatoes which had obviously been deep fried (crunchy, yes, but you might as well eat lard). The vegetables tasted like they had been cooked in cheese sauce and washed off to hide the fact.
It must be said that I don't mind a 'lower' class Sunday roast. If you go to some pubs, you expect that the meat is kept in a warmer, and the potatoes are deep fried, etc. What I do mind is being charged nearly £11.00 for the privilege!

I'm sure their other food is fine (still a little on the expensive side, perhaps), but avoid Sunday lunch there at all costs.

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