Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Hen and Chickens, Chesham

The Hen and Chickens is located part of the way up the hill between Chesham and Ley Hill. It is a wonderful little pub which, when we last visited, had two very welcome open fires going, warming us after being out in particularly inclement weather.

Hen and Chickens, Chesham

The nicest thing about this pub is the locals. They all seem to sit in the very small area around the bar chatting away to each other. In some pubs it can be quite a hindrance. Here, possibly due to the how small the bar area is, it is easy to get served, and the locals will usually move aside for you.

There are a reasonable amount of beers on tap, and the filter coffee is very good. We unfortunately have not been in the pub for food yet and so cannot comment on that.

If you want a nice friendly little pub to visit as during the cold months, Hen and Chickens is one to go for.

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